Ailish at Kindergarten

Hola Heike:

I hope all are well; I sent Hiltrud some fotos of Ailish in a visit we did to my granddaughter Kindergarten, as part of a program Canpolly ( My dog food) and Luis our head coach at the training, as part of an animal good care.

I hope you like them, I was a lovely experience for all of us Ailish did very well, I may say that Aliish was super, when all kids about 4 years old first surround her with no previous advice she was taken by surprise but never try to run away, we took her apart for a couple of minutes and returned to the area were we will interact with Childs.

Then she did very well, we explain to children about obedience, and we let ask who will like to teach her to sit, so we give them a little piece of a treat and give the order and the kid, rewarded her.

They were delighted and proud of they have taught a dog to do sit and plats.

Then we went to see the youngest ones two years old average.

And it was great, she just sited and let them pet her she was very relaxed only when Matias came close she tried to get close to him and kiss him.

You will see in some Fotos, Luis he has been a lot of help in Ailish Ausbuildung, so we work as a Team.  and also promote his training school.

In resume, it was a great experience. Hope you like  them ….


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